August 17, 2014

Knock, Knock Guess Who's Back To Torment You All Again!

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If you watched this video clip of me above it's going to be broken down by month as to what's been going on with me since my last update on my blog, since I think this will be a lot easier for me to get started this way and I'll start with March since I didn't get a chance to talk about the gifts that I have received from Microcock that he had sent among other things :)

March: I had contacted microcock to give me a status up date of the tracking of the items that I had requested for him to get just to make sure all the items arrive in my PO BOX so I can make just one trip. I've received the Photo background kit system, bra and panty sets and other nick-nacks that has been scooped up from my regular and household wishlist.

My former real-time slave Keyimmy received an email notification from Amazon that I had a birthday approaching soon since he had purchased a few items off my wish list in the past he. So he had came out of the woodwork and dropped this cute leather Kate Spade wristlet so I can put that moola in :D :D

April: For the month of April I mainly needed to take some time off from the real-time scene for a bit and build my fan base on Niteflirt even though I have a few regulars that call. I've been casting the hook, line and sinker on these boys to pick up the phone and call me. One of my callers is a financial domination junkie and loves when I spew over the phone degrading things about him and his wallet as I fuck him over by raising the rate.

Also at this time I needed to check up on Microcock because every time that I sent a paymail to him it always gets paid but as of late he had stop paying and stop calling as well. I sent him an email wondering what's been going on and this is the email that I get. 
He full of shit because he still spends on other Niteflirt PSO's LOL
Microcock becomes a run-a-way slave... don't they all do! It really dosen't matter I got what I want there are more slaves out there that will replace him. What the funny thing is he still visits my blog and occasionally my listing and reads my promotional emails whenever I send them out LOL. Sidenote: even bitches that I kicked out/blocked still visit STALK my blog. HAHAHA Sucks to be YOU! 

In my personal life I've experienced a death in the family near the end of April in which I had to head back home and help the family grieve during our loss. I appreciate the phone calls from my loyal slaves who called/sent emails and fellow femdoms as well and you know who you are :) <3

May: Photo of the start of a good month and a little haul of gifts and oh CAASSSHH :-) 
This bank slip deposit from my online cash hoarding ;)
For the month of May I was with my family and close friends that I haven't seen in a while in addition of me helping with medical legal matters etc before I head back to Miami. When I came back I went back to taking niteflirt calls and receiving small amazon giftcards from pets and subs.


Did a raise the rate game with slave ED and got me the crop top and bikini set that I let him buy. I also sent him individual Pay-To-View picture mails of me wearing the items he purchased. Seeing me in my scantily clad powerful body left him with a raging libido in addition to his now lighter wallet LOL.  

Slave Carli had stopped by as well with an amazon gift cards and cash deposits in which I ordered a few nicknacks that I needed like my garbage can and LORAC face compact powder. Thanks Carli!  

June: Boys are still contacting me in order to arrange real-time sessions. If you are in the South Florida area you need to get a moving. This month has been my slowest month for me for online domination and real-time. I also I haven't been advertising much for real-time sessions as I should be and I'm trying to organize myself a list of different classified ads on the web today that get hits at least and get my name ranked higher on google :)

This is an example though of what I get in my inbox when it comes to sessions but don't fill out the right form correctly nor read about the things I do not engage in for real time training. I emailed the guy back anyway to find out if he would still be interested (w/the exception of G.S.) and clarify about my rate, I knew there would be a 99.9% chance of him not booking. Turns out I was right LOL.

July: Received a request for a video clip but the funny thing is I haven't uploaded any videos myself for sale on my clip stores that I have registered myself on. I guess Jeff had found my form on my site . I was willing to do the clip but I didn't have a babydoll on hand but could get a stickfigure barbie doll instead but that idea was a no-go for Jeff in this clip request LOL. But this is an EXCELLENT example of someone filling out the form correctly in submitting a request. Visitors who read my site need to take notes on how to contact me CORRECTLY!

As an aside I'm still doing phone calls on Niteflirt but it was incredibly slow and I could hardly keep my phone lines on like I wanted but I got a surprise call from a prompt that I didn't even recognize and it was from Verified Call and I had a customer on the line actually this the first time that someone has called me on it and found me through a verified call directory that some fan made. I will be working on revising (revamp overhaul) on my 3rd party phone listing profile(s). 

August: I tried to keep most of my phone lines on when I'm available on different platforms but it's been slow, yet sporadic at times depending on the traffic flow of the site etc. Also I've been working on getting my name "Goddess Keyona" legally trademarked as well as my Black Female Supremacy logo which I hope will be approved soon by the state. Speaking of legal shit I'll be googling [or use google alerts] myself to see if any of my writings, pictures content have been stolen or fake accounts created in my name because I'll be ready to take legal action against these fools who do. 

A caller on sinfulcall filed a chargeback against me in which he purchased my skype ID. The guy never contacted me before asking what i'm willing to do until I logged on skype begging me to show him my pussy on cam. When I decline I got a chargeback for it, even though sinfulcall advertises itself to the PSOs that you will NEVER EVVVEEEER get a chargeback, as you can see in the pics below it's not the case at all. 

Sinfulcall only refunded me the $5 (skype ID) within 24 hours back to my account but not the other $5 that's was already in my balance for months on end before this ass clown chargedback on me! I'm not even going to send demanding emails squabbling over for $5 that they stole directly from my account balance (if it were $50+ I would squabble & rant my head off though in emails) because sinfulcall showed me who's side they are on and what unethical business tactics they use anyway when it comes to chargebacks. It's simply not worth it! I have not continued to make further contact with the support team regarding the matter. I've decided at the end of this month I'll close my account and not conduct business with them nor drive them traffic to their site.

I've learned a valuable lesson when it comes to third-party sites is that you will get screwed over doesn't matter what their policy says [Sidenote: Always read the terms and conditions & refund policy before you join any site! Do note that Sinfulcall has like 3 sentences about their return policy LMBAO!!] It doesn't matter if you are supplying them the cash flow or not it's about business ethics & professionalism. This not only applies to phone/webcam sites but also clip stores as well and ladies you are NOT immune to this don't believe every BS that they tell you. I've heard dommes are already getting outrageous chargebacks on their studio/chathosts accounts right now as we speak.

Anyway gotten 2 more notable giftcards that have unique messages attached to them. The ass worship one was from a Niteflirt where "tomtheturd" talked about serving my ass in very nasty ways for about 30 mins haha and my lil puppy dropped off another gift at my feet.

Approaching 150k view but little posts. Goes to show how bad ass I am! LOL
I know this blog has been extremely long as hell and if you made it this far this lets me know that you are "Keyona addict" and I appreciate my readers/followers. It was difficult for me to back track and re-trace everything that I did over the last 5-6 months into 1 post and integrate this video on here without hosting/streaming it on youtube. I have so much MORE planed for myself and my site on how I can take it further and actually implement my own merchant processor so that way I'm not bound by all the constrictions & restrictions of 3rd party rules so I can be the boss renegade that I am, but I'll talk more about that in another blog post. 

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